Ahlan wa Sahlan

Ghassan Bardawil


Hello, and welcome to the official WeDecolonizeVUB blog . We are excited to launch this platform and looking forward to seeing it come to fruition. WDVUB Blog intends to create and maintain a new space for the work and goals of the organization to manifest. Additionally, we hope to adapt the space to fulfill the intentions and hopes of our organization, and meet the expectations of our members, and our audience as a whole.

I am Ghassan, with the help and support of many of my colleagues at WDVUB, I will be managing and coordinating the blog content. When I took on this role, I had envisioned the launch of the platform to be a celebration. However, with the barbaric bombardment of Gaza well into its second month now, and the confirmed number of martyrs above fourteen thousand, six thousand of whom are children, it is difficult to fathom the idea of ​​celebration. We are launching the platform with a sense of solemn urgency; the brutality on the people of Gaza, and the world’s response, is a reminder that our world is still littered with colonialism and white supremacy. It is a testament to the importance of organizing and collecting ourselves in decolonial blocs, communities, and spaces .

WeDecolonizeVUB aims to foster these spaces through our library on campus and our events. With the help of our organization’s members and student board, the online platform and this blog will serve to complement WDVUB’s existing spaces for action and dialogue , as well as manifesting its own independent identity as a continuous conversation on colonialism and what decolonization means in today’s world . We hope to ignite multifaceted and intersectional dialogues here. The blog will be a home forregular poststhat aim to present and expand upon decolonial topics. Additionally the platform will hostlong-form complementary contentregarding the organization’s members, efforts, campaigns, and events. Ambitiously, we hope the space cangrow and evolve organicallyto meet not only the publishing needs of the organization but also to match our audience’s needs and expectations; and so we hope to hear back from you all with commentary and suggestions. 

The time to raise our voices is now.

Blog team