WeDecolonizeVUB is a brand new project by the University Centre for Development Cooperation (UCOS) that takes place at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) campus.

The project consists of three branches, namely a safe space, a library and social events, that are carried by a dynamic and diverse group of VUB students for all students. With the before mentioned group we aim to give the students of the VUB the opportunity to learn more about (de)colonization and anti-racism by creating a safe space that will tackle these sensitive topics and make room for students to meet, interact and exchange their thoughts and opinions.

The library in the yellow campus dorms of the VUB is filled with books that were written by non-western authors concerning anti-racism and decolonization and other fiction and non-fiction books. In addition to this, WeDecolonizeVUB aspires to organize events where non-white speakers will be invited to dialogue with the students regarding specific topics within the (de)colonization and anti-racism theme.

We are highly aware that there are plenty other ways to educate ourselves, which is why we also launch an online platform. On this platform, we will provide all sorts of interesting podcasts, documentaries, movies, music and so much more that will take on our principal theme in their own way.

Our goal with this project is to dismantle and most importantly critically examine our preconceived knowledge pertaining (de)colonization and anti-racism. We will motivate the students to take action and look for the gaps in their own education, while encouraging them to immerse themselves in books, documentaries, podcasts etc. that are offered through this project.

Who is behind WeDecolonizeVUB?


Upcoming events

Thursday March 18 – The attack on Black Intellectuality: Epistemological Violence

The event is at 19.00 CET instead of 20.00 (as mentioned on the event banner).

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The VUB is currently operating under “code red” conditions. Since it is not possible to visit the library books can be reserved online, using the form below

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Books can be picked up Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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Book donations

WeDecolonizeVUB is looking for books to add to the library! In our library we want to offer books on decolonization, anti-racism, and fiction and non-fiction literature written by non-Western authors. If you have books that you want to donate or lend us, please send a message to