‘To the global south’

Are you departing to a developing country in the near future, in order to complete an internship or research? Undoubtedly a fantastic adventure, which will enrich your life and provide you with valuable experiences and lessons. But be aware, working and living in a country with a different culture, language and history is far from easy, and very often this process of adaption is underestimated.

The one-day course will prepare you with the necessary insight and tools for a meaningful stay in the global south.

It is important to not only be well prepared with regards to practicalities of working in a different country, but especially with regards to functioning and cooperating with local communities within complex societies. The communities with which you will work together are often under severe pressure due to extreme poverty and high inequality. This requires you to be well prepared in terms of understanding poverty and your own privileges and the consequences of working in a context of explicit inequality. It is furthermore important that you reflect on possible disappointments by explicitly understanding your expectations and making a critical analysis on how you can contribute to local communities. Through interactive teaching, groups discussions, and concrete case studies we will try to increase the chances of a successful internship/research, both for you and local communities.


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