Internships in Uganda on gender equality and SRHR

Are you interested in advocacy and research among topics like sexual and reproductive health and rights, enhancement of gender equality,  promotion of youth livelihoods and entrepreneurship & skills development? And this all together while you immerse yourself in a dynamic and inspiring context such as Uganda? One of our partner organisations, the Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum (UYAHF), is offering several internships to support their local program areas of intervention.


The University Centre for Development Cooperation (UCOS) is a Belgian NGO which aims to strengthen the global citizenship skills among students in higher education. We work together with our partners and our target audience to achieve sustainable human development by promoting global conscience and active global citizenship. UCOS is affiliated to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

We vacate internship positions at the Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum (UYAHF) in Uganda. UYAHF is a youth lead and youth serving organisation that seeks to advance health, human rights and wellbeing of adolescent girls, young women and young people at community, national and global level. Particularly, UYAHF has three program areas of intervention:

1. Quality health and wellbeing for adolescent program: This program seeks to contribute towards a social policy and legal environment that supports the realisation of adolescents and young people’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. The program mobilises and amplifies the voices of young people to fully participate in decision making processes and demand and hold accountable policy makers on their commitments to improve their health and wellbeing. It has three main focus areas namely:

  • Adolescent and youth SRHR (including issues around contraception, HIV prevention and comprehensive sexuality education),
  • Menstruation health and management
  • Maternal new-born and child health

2. Enhancement of gender equality & women empowerment program: This program seeks to promote the rights of women and girls through enhancing gender equality and ensuring quality lives for women and girls with equity and dignity and opportunities to realise their full potential. Interventions under this program work towards:

  • Addressing barriers that promote gender inequality
  • Addressing all forms of sexual and gender based violence and harmful cultural practices like early and forced child marriages, FGM, and stigma and discrimination against women and girls
  • Promoting girl child education and empowerment of communities to be at the forefront for enhancing gender equality
  • Positioning boys to be change champions for gender equality

3. Promotion of youth livelihood program (innovations, entrepreneurship & skills development): The youth livelihood program is aimed at promoting and expanding opportunities to entrepreneurship and skills development for all young people, particularly adolescent girls and women. This program is implemented under the youth hub project. The Youth Hub provides a free and safe space for young people through skilling, recreation and learning. At the Youth Hub, young people also directly engage in sharing, dialoguing and learning discussion focusing on abovementioned topics.


The intern will work in close cooperation with UYAHF staff. Possible roles of the intern might be:

  • Organisation and facilitation of youth hub activities across the three Youth Hub elements of skilling, recreation and learning.
  • Research and analysis regarding relevant issues such as gender equality, health and wellbeing or youth livelihood in Kampala or a refugee settlement in Kyegegwa district. Also, special interests in human rights, advocacy, teenage pregnancies, etc. could be included in this research.
  • Assistance in daily monitoring of ongoing projects: Ensonga Project Menstruation with Dignity, Pulani Ki Campaign, She Decides, Giving Young Voice choice Control Project, Youth for Safe Motherhood Projects among others.
  • Organising community and school outreaches to reach out to young people in communities with correct and appropriate information, education on HIV and teenage pregnancy prevention, gender equality, prevention of sexual and gender based violence among other issues.
  • Support the team on communication activities such as updating content on the website, managing social media accounts, draft newsletters, assist in preparing annual report, etc.
  • Other focuses can be proposed by the intern. UYAHF commits themself to develop a role for the intern that fits the student and is valuable for UYAHF, and coach the student during this internship.


We’re looking for someone who is:

  • Fluent in English (oral and written)
  • Passionate about health (including SRHR), gender equality and youth livelihoods
  • A team player but also capable of working independently and be proactive
  • Open for new cultures
  • Creative, flexible and enthusiastic person with people-skills and sense for responsibility
  • Added value: skills in advocacy, accountability, communication, documentation, ICT, monitoring and evaluation
  • Added value: being familiar with development cooperation and/or travel experience


Several internship positions are offered in Uganda, the period of the internship and start date are negotiable:

  • Several internship positions with many learning opportunities on gender equality, health and wellbeing are offered
  • Interns will get the opportunity to put theory into practice in the challenging context of Uganda
  • The internship placement provides interns a chance to get to know the reality of how a local NGO in Uganda works and how a youth organisation is actively engaged in policy advocacy work. Interns directly engage in policy advocacy engagements with policy makers from various NGOs, media, international development agencies and government institutions.
  • The interns are also tasked to support and facilitate UYAHF’s communication and documentation, regular planning, and M&E processes where need be.
  • The skills, insights and experiences attained from the internship prepares interns for possible career in international organisations and development cooperation.
  • The internship will take place at the office of UYAHF in Kampala or Kyegegwa (Uganda).
  • Internships should at least take 1 month. However, we encourage students to extend their internship (voluntarily) for between 6 months to 1 year to deepen their working experience and have a greater contribution to UYAHF. Long-term interns are preferred. It is possible to plan the internship at any moment of the year (academic year and summer).
  • Interns have to cover all costs related to this internship (travel cost, accommodation, local expenses). Students can apply for a scholarship through their university or university college. UYAHF can have a mediating role in finding an accommodation or host family.


If you are interested in above mentioned internship positions, please send a motivational letter and your resume to Loes Verhaeghe (Gender Officer at UCOS): If you have any questions you can contact Loes by e-mail or call 02 614 82 65.

  • Start date:


  • Type of internship:

    Unpaid, with the opportunity to apply for a scholarship

  • Location:

    Office of UYAHF in Kampala or Kyegegwa (Uganda)

  • Period:

    Internship should at least take 1 month. However, we encourage students to extend their internship for between 6 months to 1 year.

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